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Dejan was good and dear colleague, valuable resource for me and mentor for the newcomers

I had a pleasure of working with Dejan for nearly 4 years at the Alea Control Company. Through the years he grow significantly in his field being at the most, good and dear colleague, valuable resource for me and mentor for the newcomers.

I was particularly impressed by Dejan's ability to handle pressure while having the best relations with the team and business in tough times. That skill often takes years to develop among professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him.

I`m looking forward to see what will future bring to both of us. Good luck dear friend!

Brane Vukovic
CEO at Alea Control Ltd
Dejan was not only an excellent developer, but he was also dependable

I am the Director of Borderlands Travel, a Tour Operator based in England. Dejan worked for us as a Frontend Developer between 2014 – 2017. We asked him to create a website which would not only integrate with third party travel software, but needed to be very pleasing on the eye in order to attract potential clients. He wrote code, created a custom webshop and regularly maintained the website in order for our SEO not to drop.

From the outset, he proved himself to be more than capable of fulfilling any technical requirements we had. Although his responsibilities were to design and maintain the website, he proved that he had solid problem solving and technical skills. He was also comfortable dealing with outside agencies with regard to issues which we, having no coding or technical experience, could not explain or understand.

Not only was he an excellent developer, but he was also dependable. We gave him free reign to create something which he thought would benefit our company and we were not disappointed. Everything he designed was well written (he speaks fluent English), testable and he achieved a lot in a short space of time, always making everything look so easy. If he thought there was an alternative way of doing something which would help us, he would offer suggestions and advice on what should be done in order to make that happen.

The thing I liked the most was that he would always take the time to explain things in layman’s terms for the ‘technically challenged’ amongst us.

He is a very personable guy and I have no doubt that whoever hires him in the future will be more than happy with his work. I have no reservations in endorsing him to future employers and would be more than willing to hire him again, should the need arise.

Louise Martindale
Director of Borderlands Travel
Dejan literally saved my company. What an exceptional person

After 3 years of having Dejan on my team as a Lead Developer, Project Manager, and especially Consultant, where in few final meetings he literally saved my company just before signing very important contracts, what to say except huge THANK YOU.

Lucky are the ones who had a chance to work with Dejan. Everything looks soo easy when you are a CEO and Dejan is watching your back, taking care of the whole situation, deadlines, code reviews, progress updates, handling clients, you name it.

What an exceptional person.

Aleksandar Gajic
CEO & Owner at Codexity Ltd
I would be willing to work with Dejan on any project

I am a Junior Software Engineer with USRA-NASA-NAMS. I had an issue that I was up against in REACT, and directly related to Redux. Dejan took time out of his schedule to mentor me on the problem, which I had been working on for 3 days.

Dejan was able to walk through the code, testing, remotely, in an easy to understand manner, teaching me what I was doing wrong as he went. This was not an easy problem to solve, but he made it look easy. I was very, very appreciative to him for his help, as well as, the understanding and calm way that he went about teaching me what I was missing.

I look forward to his continued mentorship, and would be willing to work with Dejan on any project. It is easy to see that he is a very experienced software engineer.

Damon Ponder
Software Engineer at USRA-NASA
Ever since I first met Dejan it blew my mind how dedicated he was to making things better

Ever since I first met Dejan it blew my mind how dedicated he was to making things better. If there was a way to improve something he would find a way.

Back when we worked together in NCR he would develop tools that most of our office could benefit from. But he didn't stop there. Always looking for feedback and ways to improve his software he kept making his toolset better and better. As luck would have it, we became colleagues again in Alea Control, where his skill improved tremendously. I was amazed how much he achieved in so little time. Leading the frontend team, he quickly made an impact and earned respect from his teammates.

Ever so interested in learning more, we would spend time helping each other learn new things and find ways to improve our skills. He would go above and beyond whenever I needed help, constantly teaching and explaining coding best practices.

Even though we, unfortunately, don't work together anymore he finds time to help or trade ideas on the matter at hand. I strongly believe that his potential is enormous and given the chance, he would find ways to impress everyone around him.

Stefan Matić
ex NSS Team Lead at NCR